2 comments on “Time: is it real?

  1. Time is something that always continues forward and never back, it is a constant thing through out the universe which will likely go on forever.
    I do not believe it is something we have invented, unlike dates. Dates are used to refer to and usually to mark certain occasions whereas time is as I have already said; a constant.
    Time is only relevant to us humans when we have planned something for a particular time, but between waking up and the planned occasion, most of us forget about time even though it always continues to tick.
    If you take your watch into space, time will usually slow or speed up.
    For example; if you were to fly your spaceship near a blackhole and orbit around it very closely, the gravitational pull from it would slow down time. What would be 15minutes near the black hole could be 2 or 3 weeks for earth.
    I loved your article, it is very interesting indeed. My thoughts differ slightly though, which I have attempted to explain.
    The gravitational bit about the blackhole is in theory true, though we ofcourse do not have the facilities to do this.
    Also I think getting near a blackhole would be an unlikely thing someone would volunteer for.

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