About FasigWrites

This Blog is about the ramblings of my mind.

Some call these ramblings, well, disturbing, but to most, they are intriguing.

As the Prose, Stories and Graphics appear, you can decide for yourself.

Some of it will be about the books i.e. “The Task”, “Lamidae’s Dream”,  and “War of the Damned.” The rest like our lives will be about other things. None of us has a life that just touches one subject. We as humans interact with a lot of different things.

I visit daily so expect answers to your questions and replies to your responses   Like your computer, I am interactive, you just need to “push my buttons” and see what happens.

People often ask where authors get their ideas, now is your chance. This blog is about you too so feel free to add your ideas.



4 comments on “About FasigWrites

    • Good morning Dina. Yes after emailing you at 1:30 AM I am awake, up and on the computer. Are you ready for NaNoWriMo? I know you have the material and the ability. Swing by and we can talk about it and go over the pieces you asked about.

  1. Always remember – It is the sane who are locked up (for safe keeping) because no one in their right mind could handle it out here!

  2. Your past is trying to contact you. I don’t see anything current. So, I’m wondering if you are still using this site and/or writing. Perhaps you fell down Alice’s rabbit hole.

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